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More unusual aircraft activity over Poland

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More reports are coming in of unusual aircraft activity across Poland in the last few days similar in kind to the activity that was reported to have preceded the outbreak of strange pneumonic plague in the Ukraine.

Emails from Poland:

"More reports about strange planes today during the day.

* Elk, NE Poland, close to Bialystok (more to north and Lithuania), the closest airport is 200km!

* Warsaw again."


"Another report - huge planes yesterday near Gdansk (sound like bombers from II WW)

Today morning I heard very low flying huge propeller aircraft in my nieghbourhood,

but it's not the first time, I live under the "corridor""


"Also above Warsaw (now!) There is a report from near Okecie (Airport) that for 25 minuts large propeller plane is flying circles, The plane is quite low. There are no planes departing Okecie at this time. It is the first time our reader heard such a plane for for long time."